Unfortunately, A Poem

Photo by Marjan Blan | @marjanblan on Unsplash

I cried when I heard about the Ukrainian 13.
“Russian Warship Go Fuck Yourself!”
Even as a stranger, it’s hard
not to marvel at this
audacious display of

As an American,
in our isolationist,
post-factual society,
it’s hard
not to
regard Patriotism
as anything more than
racist propaganda.

No really,
is anyone
still dumb enough
to be proud
to be an

The notion of one sacrificing —
let alone dying for country —
and really dying for country,
(and not merely committing
War Crimes),
is just so damn

Dare I say,
you could make the case
it’s un-American.

that’s why
the “Grand Old Party”
resides in
the Czar’s



A Poem

Photo by Joe deSousa on Unsplash

The body is the colonizer’s first stop,
the soft flesh of your underbelly
makes as good a place as any to stick
the pike-end of their
gaudy flag.

Women’s bodies,
black bodies,
children’s bodies,
fat bodies,
disabled bodies,
queer bodies,
sex worker bodies,
and so on. Don’t matter
to the Colonizer.

Oppression is not rational.
Oppression is not reasonable.
Stop trying to rationalize
the inner workings of the unreasonable.

Bodily autonomy is freedom.
Bodily autonomy is freedom.
There is no in between.
There is no in between.



Francesca Gabrielle Bavaro

Francesca Gabrielle Bavaro

Francesca enjoys writing personal-political essays, short fiction, and poetry.